This webinar will demonstrate planning tools available for the Gamma Knife, such as inverse optimization, which can be used to improve plan consistency and quality and, remote access that allow users to contribute and explore plans from any location.

Plan comparisons will be made between manually created clinical plans by an expert planner and inverse optimized plans using the Lightning software.

Following this, we will discuss the potential impact of Lightning optimized plans on treatment delivery and explore techniques to verify delivery of these plans using Gafchromic film.

The webinar, hosted by Benjamin Earner, concludes with a discussion of various real-world scenarios that benefit from remote access in the clinic and how these can improve patient care and user experience.

Benjamin Earner

Benjamin Earner is a principal physicist at the London Gamma Knife Centre, London, UK, which is part of the HCA Healthcare UK network. He has worked with the Gamma Knife Icon for more than six years and has been involved in the commissioning of stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy systems for 14 years. He has a passion for bring innovation and workflow improvements to the clinic, with a particular emphasis on the integration of software solutions. Benjamin has co-authored several articles on the implementation of Gafchromic film for radiotherapy applications.

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