From Laura Bassi to Marie Curie, for centuries, women have been making important contributions to the world of physics. Now with ViewRay’s MRIdian system, women are leading the charge in bringing the latest advancement of MRI-guided radiation therapy to the forefront of radiation oncology and expanding the medical physics landscape.

MR-guided radiation therapy has stimulated a paradigm shift in external beam radiation therapy. Daily online adaptive therapy is now possible by introducing an advanced imaging modality during treatment delivery. Efforts to streamline its approach are prudent to broaden its availability and realize the clinical benefits. The implementation of a practical approach to an MRgRT online ART workflow will be discussed.

This series of five webinars will specifically highlight women physicists across the globe that are using MRIdian to transform cancer care as we know it. Jennifer Dolan of Henry Ford Health will present this webinar.

This presentation is the third in a series of Women in Medical Physics, supported by ViewRay.

Jennifer Dolan

Jennifer L Dolan, PhD, is director of MR-guided physics at Henry Ford Health, US.

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