Wireless put hit music in pronoun, killing cancer cells [RADIOTHERAPY]

Exposure measurement? Note sounds like beautiful proportion [DOSIMETRY]

Particle physicists rarely order tapas or nachos, initially [PROTON]

Röntgen’s discovery in complex rayon [XRAY]

Speakers’ gambit locates part of the body [STEREOTACTIC]

See inside my body? Even smarties back off [MRI]

Fudge portions are used in three-dimensional imaging [POSITRON]

Long-suffering hospital visitor [PATIENT]

Angular momentum pinches to the left [SPIN]

Cathode ray tube, for example, central to Kremlin accessories [LINAC]

Medical physics technique? I’m getting older without direction [IMAGING]

Slicing method put right? OMG, a trophy! [TOMOGRAPHY]

Use scant computed tomography procedure [CAT SCAN]

Sonogram is extremely stable [ULTRASOUND]

Bonobo lust conceals tissue equivalent [BOLUS]

We hear crow mountaintop is where protons stop travelling [BRAGG PEAK]

Tune your imager with spirit [PHANTOM]

Providing relief by cooking pie at villa [PALLIATIVE]

Dull American colour is absorbed unit [GRAY]

Norse god inside? That is I! [IODINE]

Turncoat trades France for a model, device discerns [DETECTOR]

Yeti’s suede, at its heart, is flesh [TISSUE]

Scheduling dose modelling [PLANNING] 

Agent for difference [CONTRAST]

Surgery, detached, ejects gangster [CLINIC]

Bonus [the application of physics to healthcare]

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