One to one physics and maths tuition in a comfortable and safe learning environment.

If you’re considering online tutoring, a private tutor can have an enormous impact on your child’s education.

  • A personalised learning experience: Everyone learns at their own pace, in their own way. Tutoring provides a tailored learning experience that plays to your child’s strengths, helps them overcome their struggles, and keeps them motivated – all of which leads to real results. What’s more, students with a private tutor typically progress much faster than they would in a traditional classroom setting – where one-on-one time with a teacher is often non-existent.
  • Focus on weaker areas: Whether it was English Language or Maths, most of us had a subject in school that we struggled with and the students of today are no different. Many parents use a Tutor to help give their child a boost in just one specific subject or area, and it’s really paid off.
  • Better exam results: I have had to pass my fair share of exams (and written to many to mention), so I know a thing or two about getting excellent results. Whether it’s mock exams or A Levels, I won’t just ensure your child is 100% prepared for exam day – I’ll make sure your child is feeling confident about it, too.
  • Flexibility: Private tutoring can be flexible enough to fit in alongside school/college, extra-curricular activities, part-time jobs, and family life. Lessons can be taken on weekday afternoons or evenings, and I will not charge you if you cancel a lesson with 24 hours’ notice.
  • Personal growth: Given that school is usually the epicentre of a child’s social life, they can often be extremely distracting places. One to one tuition removes those distractions, allowing your child to regain their focus, develop a desire to learn, and realise their potential.
  • Lessons that stick: Every online lesson taken can be recorded. Students can then revisit specific topics should they want to strengthen their understanding.

How it works

I use zoom. It’s free for you and easy to access. Combined with my ipad you will be able to see and hear me, I will be able to see and hear you, and you can see everything I write in real time.

You will be able to record our sessions and rewatch them at your own pace. Everything I write and draw during the session, and questions I post, will be yours to keep and access using one note. This will save you making notes and allow you to focus on the learning

Let’s start a learning journey!